It's simple. It's classic. It's essential. No, it's not a Little Black Dress, but the iconic change jar. We loved watching the pennies pile up as a kid but now we tend to see change more as a burden than a opportunity to save, why? Every frugal fanny knows, it's the little things that makes the difference. Spending on unnecessary minor expenses, saving change - either way it piles up. We throw our change into jacket pockets, desk drawers, bottom of our handbags with gum wrappers and pocket lint. Little do people know that you are tossing away a goldmine. No need to invest in a piggy bank, any old mason jar, cup, or dish will do. Especially in college, quarters prove to be useful with laundry, so I usually pick those out to wash my clothes. People are always surprised when they bring their change jars to be cashed in after only a few months to find that they have almost $100. When it comes to cashing all that in for some major cha-ching, I recommend bringing it to your bank rather than machines like CoinStar, that take a substantial percentage of your change. Banks usually do it without cost to you, especially if you have accounts with them. Lucky pennies ain't no joke, people. 

Pssst...making a cute change jar is an easy dollar store craft. (; 

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